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Leveling the Playing Field

Lawsuit and dispute attorneys for individuals and businesses.

Trusted Litigation Counsel

Litico Law Group is a civil litigation law firm that pursues and defends lawsuits on behalf of individuals and small businesses in the Chicago area. We represent clients in financial disputes relating to contracts, partnerships, trusts and fiduciary relationships.

Meet the Team

The attorneys of Litico Law Group represent individuals and small businesses in civil lawsuits in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We are committed to protecting our clients' interests and rights in disputes relating to partnership or shareholder issues, trusts and fiduciary relationships, and business matters. Litigation is what we do, and our dedicated focus allows us to do it well.

What Our Clients Say

“My partner and I needed to come to a resolution on the next steps without business due to differences in strategic vision as well as general management discord. Matt was extremely helpful behind the scenes in coaching me through the initial process o…”
– B.P.
“I was always very impressed with the Litico Law Group’s knowledge and interpretation of the laws that pertained to my case, their organizational skills, and their timely remittance of clear and well written court documents! They always worked t…”
– T.M.
“Matt has been great to work with. He has always been responsive and knowledgeable. He provides clear, concise legal advice so we can make decisions quickly.”
– T.S.
“Matt won a case that was unprecedented in Illinois. Very involved and difficult suit …”
– R.D.
“Matt was a true professional … [he] was timely with his responses… whenever I had questions. I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for an attorney.”
– B.S.
“Professional and competent. He never gave the impression that my case was just another case among many.”
– Anonymous

Our Latest Posts

When a party enters into a business deal with another individual or company, it’s always best to have an enforceable contract in place. But in cases where a written agreement does not exist — or a contract is not legally enforceable for some reas…
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In business, directors, officers, and controlling shareholders owe each other and the corporation certain duties. This means that they are trusted to act in the best interests of the company when making business decisions and carrying out transaction…
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