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During the course of doing business, various disputes will inevitably arise. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned corporate owner, there will be many occasions when business relationships don’t go as planned or transactions don’t run smoothly. Unfortunately, these situations can put your business at risk — and it’s crucial to take the legal measures necessary to safeguard your commercial interests. Our seasoned business litigation attorney, know that they must not leave anything on the field at any stage of the litigation. We are meticulous in pursuing evidence and conducting a thorough analysis of all relevant facts and information, as well as in preparing and presenting evidence in court.

If you are experiencing a conflict with a vendor, co-owner, employee, competitor, or any other party, it’s essential to find a solution that is efficient and effective. However, some business conflicts can only be resolved through litigation. In such cases, it’s crucial to have the guidance of a trusted attorney who can shield your business and hard-earned assets from harm. The stakes are high when it comes to your business, and the Illinois business litigation attorney at Litico Law Group will strive to protect your company, its reputation, and bottom line.

Experienced Business Litigation Attorney for a Wide Range of Business Disputes

From fraud, partnership disagreements, and breaches of contract, there are numerous reasons disputes arise in business. Many of these matters can be resolved outside of court through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. But in cases where a settlement cannot be reached, litigation might be the only option. At Litico Law Group, our business litigation attorney aggressively pursues and defends a broad range of complex business lawsuits on behalf of individuals, businesses, and other entities in Illinois.

Our skilled attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide variety of business litigation matters in a myriad of industries. We represent clients in cases involving:

  • Deceptive trade claims

  • Defamation (libel and slander)

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Breach of contract

  • Fraud and misrepresentation

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Non-solicitation agreements

  • Property disputes

  • Real estate issues

  • Tortious interference with contracts

  • Trade secrets infringement

  • Uniform Commercial Code issues

  • Wage and compensation matters

The attorneys at Litico Law Group know the impact that litigation can have on your business — and the risks that can come with it. We work collaboratively with our clients to fully understand their goals and conserve their resources. Taking an assertive and results-oriented approach in every case, we strive to implement a litigation strategy that will help ensure your lasting business success.

What is the Business Litigation Process?

Litigation is the process of taking legal action through a lawsuit to resolve a dispute. Regardless of the source of dispute, a litigated case will generally progress through the same phases. First, an attorney will investigate the facts of the case by interviewing you and reviewing any relevant documents. At this stage, parties will often attempt to negotiate a resolution to avoid litigation.

​If pre-suit negotiations fail, or a remedy is unavailable outside of court, the next phase of litigation involves filing and serving pleadings. Specifically, to commence a lawsuit, the plaintiff will file a complaint in court, and the defendant must respond with either an answer or a motion to dismiss. Both parties can challenge these pleadings by filing motions that frame the legal and factual matters presented to the court.

Each side is also entitled to investigate the facts relating to the case during the discovery phase of litigation. Under the rules of civil procedure, various tools can be utilized to gather evidence, including subpoenas, document demands, interrogatories, and depositions. After the discovery process has concluded, the parties may elect to move for summary judgment. In doing so, they may ask the court to determine the case based upon the pleadings and the evidence gathered during the discovery process — and without proceeding to trial.

The final phase of litigation (absent any subsequent appeal) is trial. At trial, the parties present their respective theories of the case to a judge or jury by introducing evidence, eliciting testimony from witnesses, and presenting oral arguments. Having earned a reputation among our clients and colleagues as unwavering advocates in the courtroom, the attorneys at Litico Law Group are committed to securing a favorable outcome for your business and bottom line.

Aggressive Business Litigation Attorney Team Focused on Achieving Positive Results for Your Business

There are several possible remedies that are typically available to a plaintiff who prevails in a business litigation matter. Our legal team has a wide breadth of knowledge in assisting both plaintiffs and defendants with protecting their businesses and meeting their objectives. Whether you are the party commencing the legal action or must defend a lawsuit brought by another, our attorneys are dedicated to assisting you with achieving the best possible results.

Depending on the claim, a plaintiff may be awarded monetary damages due to the harm their business suffered. This can include compensatory, incidental, consequential, and liquidated damages. Punitive damages might also be awarded in limited cases where the defendant’s behavior was particularly egregious. Additionally, a court can order injunctive relief which prevents the defendant from taking certain actions or continuing specific conduct.

Not only can a business dispute disrupt the ongoing operations of your business, but it can also tarnish its reputation, drive down its value, and have profound consequences on its future. The business litigation attorneys at Litico Law know how important it is for you to obtain a resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner. We strategically focus on minimizing the adverse effects that litigation can have on your business — and mitigating any risks we identify throughout the litigation process.

Contact a Knowledgeable Business Litigation Attorney

If your business is facing litigation, it’s critical to have the representation of an experienced business attorney who can fight for your rights. Located in Rolling Meadows, Litico Law Group serves the legal needs of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in Illinois. No matter how complex your legal issue is, we focus on finding viable solutions. We welcome you to schedule a consultation, contact us online or give us a call at 847-307-5942 to learn how we can help.

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