Two stylish business persons in suits having disagreement, war, conflict, standing near desktop in front of each other, face to face with disrespect expression, partner showing stop sign with hands. Concept for business dispute.

Business Disputes FAQ

From conflicts with partners to breaches of contract, every business owner can expect to encounter a dispute at some point. Legal disputes involving your company can be costly and time-consuming — and it’s important to identify and address these… Read More
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Miniature figures arranged to look like they are painting a tangerine, part of tangerine is grey, the rest orange, painters on ladders and scaffolding as tangerine the size of a house to them. Concept for Deceptive practices

Understanding the Illinois Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Illinois law provides crucial protections to both businesses and consumers to help ensure they are safeguarded from deception, fraud, and concealment when it comes to trade and commerce. The Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act limits the use of dec… Read More
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Business woman hands hold pen above charts and graphs. Concept for LLC Members’ Fiduciary Duties of Care and Loyalty.

LLC Members’ Fiduciary Duties of Care and Loyalty

Members of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) owe certain fiduciary duties to the LLC and each other under Illinois law. Among the most important are the duties of care and loyalty. Unfortunately, LLC members can sometimes violate their fiduciary duti… Read More
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Visual concept for Debt Collection Strategies for Small Businesses blog. Deadline calendar with note, coins,and a calculator on table, background.

Effective Debt Collection Strategies for Small Businesses

When you own a small business, nothing is as important as your bottom line — and when clients or other parties owe you money, it can significantly impact the success of your business and your cash flow. While small businesses may not have the same… Read More
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Purchase agreement building and keys.

What is a Purchase Agreement for a Business?

The process of selling or purchasing a business can be complex. While there are many legal documents that may be involved in the transaction, the terms, conditions, and provisions that go into a business purchase agreement are critical. Read More
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Male lawyer at table in office, closeup Concept for LLC Member Oppression Claims/

LLC Member Oppression Claims

When a multi-member LLC is formed, members usually have the best intentions. But disputes can sometimes arise when members don’t agree on how the business should be operated — or members with a controlling interest engage in conduct that is oppre… Read More
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Young successful smiling african businessman holding dollars as a concept for Litico Law Group's business attorneys provide representation and counsel for enforcement of judgment in Illinois, including out-of-state judgments.

How Do You Enforce an Out-of-State Judgment in Illinois?

If your business has prevailed in a lawsuit and you were awarded a judgment against a supplier, customer, or another company, the next step is to collect the amount you are owed. But you might be wondering how to collect on a judgment if it was issue… Read More
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Chicago Urban Skyscrapers in finance district concept for: What is a Derivative Action for Corporations or LLCs?

What is a Derivative Action for Corporations or LLCs?

Directors and officers of a corporation, as well as managers and members of an LLC, must always act in the best interests of the company. A derivative lawsuit is a mechanism that can be used to protect shareholders from abuse by a corporation’s off… Read More
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Businessmen expressing their praise for an achievement or good wishes on a special occasion of new contract or mutual agreement. Concept for Attorneys’ Fees in Shareholder Oppression Cases

Attorneys’ Fees in Shareholder Oppression Cases

Shareholder oppression occurs when the majority shareholders or directors of a nonpublic corporation act in a manner that is oppressive, fraudulent, or illegal toward the minority shareholders. Such actions can be detrimental to individual minority s… Read More
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5 Things to Know About Ch…

5 Things to Know About Challenging a Trust in Illinois

Trusts can be an effective way to bequeath property and assets to loved ones while avoiding the stress and cost of the public probate process. However, there may be instances where a trust might be challenged in court. If you are considering contesti… Read More
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