Client Reviews

Extremely professional. Very knowledgeable and helpful. It is obvious that they put a great deal of care into everything they do. One thing that really impressed me is their ability to help establish the best team. When an issue arose outside of their scope of practice, they were able to make an excellent referral that led to a great outcome.

Brian H.
November 2023

Thank you for looking out for us! Litico is amazing! Fast, efficient, and extremely detailed! We're happy to have you represent our company!

Cristiana C.
May 2023

Litico Law Group is a good firm that represents their clients with efficiency, class and integrity. I would highly recommend their services.

Ken L.
December 2022

Litico represented me in a shareholder oppression and breach of fiduciary duty case. Matt displayed constant professionalism throughout and was an excellent communicator. Any time I had questions they were answered quickly and in a manner I could understand. They take a personal approach to litigation and make it feel like you not just another number. I’d recommend Litico Law Group to anyone looking for a business lawyer.

M. T.
May 2022

My partner and I needed to come to a resolution on the next steps without business due to differences in strategic vision as well as general management discord. Matt was extremely helpful behind the scenes in coaching me through the initial process of attempting to work with my partner directly, and then directly representing me in mediation. He did a very good job of allowing me the opportunity to put all my issues on the table, and from them he crafted a response that clearly identified our legal positions as well as the realities of the partnership. During mediation he was very good at helping me not only manage the logical arguments, but also helped me maintain perspective throughout on what I was trying to achieve and helped me not fall victim to the general emotions of the situation. Matt helped me get a result, that in the end, I know is the best I could have asked for, and much better than I would have gotten had I gone into mediation alone.


I've used Litco on many occasions. The difference between them and other law firms is their attention to detail and efficiency. If you have used legal service before you most likely have experienced a longer than necessary path to resolution and the additional bills! I recommend you run all you legal needs by Litco first before looking elsewhere.

February 2022

As intimidating and stressful as choosing a law firm might be, I feel I made a great choice by going with the Litico Law Group. The project I worked with them was fairly complicated and it took a long time to complete, but Mr. Wood and his team were supportive and attentive throughout the whole process. If you are looking for legal representation, Litico Law Group should definitely be part of your consideration when making a selection.

June 2021

Our company had to defend a small claims lawsuit. Before our consultation, Matt had done all the due diligence on the case and was prepared for the meeting. He was very honest and up-front and let me know that we'd pay more in attorney fees than the small amount the Plaintiff was suing for. Because of this, I defended the case myself but if we ever have a larger legal issue, I'm definitely going to Matt.


I was always very impressed with the Litico Law Group's knowledge and interpretation of the laws that pertained to my case, their organizational skills, and their timely remittance of clear and well written court documents! They always worked to ensure I understood all the details of the case, as well as giving me plenty of notice to prepare and supply the documented evidence.


Matt has been great to work with. He has always been responsive and knowledgeable. He provides clear, concise legal advice so we can make decisions quickly.


Matt won a case that was unprecedented in Illinois. Very involved and difficult suit.


Matt was a true professional ... [he] was timely with his responses... whenever I had questions. I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for an attorney.


Professional and competent. He never gave the impression that my case was just another case among many.


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