BP Testimonial 4.28.22

My partner and I needed to come to a resolution on the next steps without business due to differences in strategic vision as well as general management discord. Matt was extremely helpful behind the scenes in coaching me through the initial process of attempting to work with my partner directly, and then directly representing me in mediation. He did a very good job of allowing me the opportunity to put all my issues on the table, and from them he crafted a response that clearly identified our legal positions as well as the realities of the partnership. During mediation he was very good at helping me not only manage the logical arguments, but also helped me maintain perspective throughout on what I was trying to achieve and helped me not fall victim to the general emotions of the situation. Matt helped me get a result, that in the end, I know is the best I could have asked for, and much better than I would have gotten had I gone into mediation alone.